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The On-Line Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies

Female Ancestors

Oh, those elusive female ancestors...! Researching the female side of a family is a challenging problem for most genealogists, and Loyalist women are no different.

In this section we have provided you with some articles on the history of Loyalist women and children, some transcriptions of original documents and a variety of research tips that you can put to use in your own search.

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Bullet  Loyalist Refugees & Others, Loyalist Families in the American War for Independence (in 8 parts)
    Part 1 - Introduction,
    Part 2 - Those Left Behind,
    Part 3 - A Variety of Hardships,
    Part 4 - The Women Join Their Husbands,
    Part 5 - Services of the Women,
    Part 6 - Problems in Camp,
    Part 7 - Widows & Orphans,
    Part 8 - A New Life

Bullet  Slave Women on Board the Dunluce, 1776   

Bullet  The Letters of Catharine Van Cortland to her husband, Philip
    15 December, 1776
    20 January, 1777
    12 February, 1777

Bullet  The Children of Philip & Catherine Van Cortland, ca 1778

Bullet  Rebel Letter Re Tory Women of Newark, 1777   

Bullet  Memorial of Margret Brush and Frances Buchanan, 1778   

Bullet  Letter from Edmund Fanning to his Sister, 1778

Bullet  Letter from Nan Robinson to her brother, 1778

Bullet  Letter Requesting Protection for Mrs. Carson, 1780   

Bullet  Officers' Widows to Clinton, 1780   

Bullet  Petition of Officers' Widows, 1780   

Bullet  Certification of the Services of Hannah Tomlinson, 1780

Bullet  Ranger Women Petition for Support 1781

Bullet  Memorial of Sarah Wheeler, Widow of Lieutenant Josiah Wheeler, 1782   

Bullet  Petition of Hannah Neil, Widow of Ensign John Neil, 1783

Bullet  Petition of Mary Buckelew of New Brunswick, 1785

Bullet  Petition of Letty Bell of New Brunswick, 1845   

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