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Church Records

When doing genealogical research for the period of time before vital records of births, deaths and marriages were commonly kept, churches and their records play a key role. For example, the records of baptisms kept by churches are quite often the closest we can come to learning dates of birth for our earlier ancestors.

Our initial focus in this portion of the site has been to include some of the primary documents dealing directly with the Loyalist military in relation to religion and churches. However, as with the rest of the topics in the Genealogy section of our site, our plans are to expand the Church Records area to include transcriptions of early church records and reference lists of pre and post-war churches and the records that are available for them.

This is a section where the potential number of records to be made available is huge, but where the work involved in transcribing and making those records available is even more enormous! We would very much welcome submissions from our visitors for this area.

If you have transcribed baptisms, marriages or membership lists from the years during or immediately preceding or following the American Revolution and would like to submit them for inclusion here to help other researchers, please see our submission guidelines for instructions on how to proceed.

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   Bullet  Howe to Clinton, request to appoint chaplains, 1778

   Bullet  Memorial of Thomas Barton, Episcopal missionary of Pennsylvania, 1778(?)

   Bullet  A List of His Majesty's Provincial Corps chaplains, 1778

   Bullet  Memorial of Reverend Daniel Batwelll, 1780

   Bullet  Obituary of Reverend Thomas Barton, 1780

   Bullet  Duncan Campbell to the Revd. Jacob Bailey, 1780

   Bullet  Appointment of Rev. William Andrews as Chaplain, 1781   

   Bullet  Memorial of Rev. William Andrews, 1782   

   Bullet  Traille to Martin, the bells of Charlestown, 1783

   Bullet  Traille to Delancey, the bells of Charlestown, 1783

   Bullet  Memorial of Rev. Samuel Cooke, chaplain to the Brigade of Guards, 1783   

   Bullet  Memorial of John Beardsley, former Rector of the Parish of Poughkeepsie, 1786

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