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The On-Line Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies

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How to Search:

1. Enter a word or words into the form below. The search engine will search through all documents on the site in order to find the word(s).

2. Using the drop down arrow, select whether to have the search engine match ALL words you entered or simply ANY of the words.

For example...

If you type LITTLE LAMB and select a match on ALL words,
...then you will get a page that reads, "Mary had a little lamb," (ummm...no, not really!)

...but not the page that reads, "...the little boy," or the one that reads, "...2 horses, 10 cows and a lamb."
If you select a match on ANY word, then you will get all three pages.
3. Click on Find.

Search technology courtesy FreeFind.com

Search Tips:

1. Try to start your search broadly by typing only one or two words. For example, to find information on the Royal Fencible American Regiment, try entering only the word Fencible (uppercase or lower case...makes no difference). Also try the alternate spelling Fensible, to point #3 below!

2. If you are searching for a person, you will have more success if you enter only the last name. Often given names are abbreviated (e.g., Joseph becomes Jos:) or omitted altogether.

3. This search engine does not work on the Soundex method. (We are thinking of trying to develop one ourselves that will...). Try every variation in spelling you can think of, even for simple names.

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The On-Line Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies
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