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The On-Line Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies
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We are very pleased to finally be able to offer a regularly scheduled chat at The On-Line Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies!

Beginning on Wednesday evening, June 14, 2000 and the second Wednesday of every month thereafter, we will be hosting a one and a half hour chat from 8 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Eastern time (9 Atlantic, 7 Central, 6 Mountain, 5 Pacific).

Each chat will begin with a short (from 15 to 30 minutes) lecture on some aspect of Loyalist studies. Sometimes we will be giving these lectures ourselves and sometimes we will schedule guest speakers. The lecture topic for each upcoming chat will be posted here one to two weeks in advance.

Following the opening lecture, we will open the floor for general conversation on Loyalist military history, genealogy or living history. You will have the opportunity to ask us questions and also to chat with the other folks present to share research tips, exchange genealogy information, discuss events of the American Revolution or even discuss an upcoming event with your fellow living history participants.

Our only requirement is that everyone remain civil and extend common courtesy to fellow chatters.

Since this is our first venture into the world of internet chat rooms, we have elected to host our chat through Yahoo!Groups until we get a feel for everything that is involved and see how much interest there is going to be.

In order to attend our chat on Yahoo!Groups, it will be necessary for you to register with them and subscribe to the TOLIFALS-Chat website. Only registered Yahoo!Groups members can subscribe to our chat site and enter our chat room.

Click here to get instructions on how to register with Yahoo!Groups and subscribe to the TOLIFALS-Chat site or to troubleshoot problems.

If you are already registered, click here to enter our chat room. Hope to see you there!

Nan Cole & Todd Braisted

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Chat Topics

We will not be holding a chat during November due to other commitments. We hope to get back to a regular schedule of chats come December, so please check back for details.

Transcripts of past lectures are available to our registered chatters on the Chat Files page located at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TOLIFALS-Chat/files.

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