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The On-Line Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies

Loyalist History

Welcome to the History Section of our site!

What we have tried to provide here is material that will better enable you to understand and put into proper context the material in other areas. Plus a wee bit of culture as well...

Within the various sections available here you will be able to follow a particular regiment through the war; read details about some of their battles, small and large; see where they actually fought and served; learn about some of their leaders; and enjoy some of their pastimes with the theater, music and poetry of the day.

All of these sections will be added to in the future, as time and materials permit. As with all research, we learn as we go, discovering new and fascinating details of the bitter conflict that shaped America and the World.

Please stop by in the months ahead and perhaps learn something new with us!

Click on any of the buttons to the left to explore that section of our site. Here is a brief explanation of what you can expect to find in each section...

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War Chronology

This section is a work in progress. Eventually, it will be a chronological list of all battles, skirmishes and other engagements of the American Revolution and the Loyalist units that participated in each. For right now, it's some of the battles, skirmishes and other engagements of the American Revolution and the Loyalist units that participated in each...

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Battles & Campaigns

Accounts of various battles and campaigns from primary source materials, including the 18th Century press.

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Maps & Gazeteer

This section of our site is still largely under development, but we have begun adding a few period maps for your enjoyment.

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Major Figures

Articles and period documents associated with major Loyalist military and political figures of the American Revolution.

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Theaters & Actors

The theater was a large part of 18th Century social life, especially in cities such as New York. In this section you will find articles and period materials related to the acting community and the theater.

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Music & Poetry

A collection of 18th Century songs and poetry, some with music that you can play on-line.

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