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Major Figures

The most well known Americans from the War for Independence tend to be George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Paine.

These Americans were all on the same side of the conflict though!

With the probable exception of Benedict Arnold, history has relegated the Americans on the losing side to relative obscurity.

While none truthfully advanced to the levels of the victors in achievement or popularity, their contributions and fatigues in the war were almost as great.

This is another of the sections that we will be enhancing as time goes on. We hope to include some of the most famous of the Loyalist officers, both civil and military.

The material here at present is but the start!

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Military Figures

   Bullet  Brigadier General Oliver DeLancey, Sr.

         Memorial Regarding his Losses, 1777

         Response to Memorial, 1777

         Letter Chiding his Son, Oliver, Jr., 1780

   Bullet  Beverly Robinson


   Bullet  Brigadier General Cortland Skinner

         Biographical Sketch

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Political Figures

   Bullet  William Franklin, Royal Governor of the Province of New Jersey

         Franklin to the Earl of Dartmouth, 1776   

         Germain to the Treasury Seeking Allowance, 1779

         Germain's Congratulations on Release from Confinement, 1779

         Memorial of Thomas Parke, Servant, undated

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