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Theaters and Actors

What, you may ask, does this have to do with the Loyalists or the military?

Although the 18th Century was a time that pre-dated television, movies, radios, the internet, Major League Baseball and most other amusements we have today, one thing we do share in common with our Revolutionary era ancestors is the theater experience.

During the time of the American Revolution, the theater was present in most of the major cities that the British soldiers held, most particularly New York.

Many of the actors who performed in the theater were officers in the army, including some Loyalists. They performed many works of Shakespeare as well as more modern comedies and tragedies.

These performances were very well attended by a civilian population wearied by war, as well as by officers of the army seeking a break from the daily military routine.

This section includes various notices from the newspapers of contemporary theater productions, as well as an introduction to the theater prepared by Susan Nabors. We hope you enjoy it!

Theater during the American Revolution

   Bullet  Notice of Two Plays at the Theatre Royal, 1779

   Bullet  Notice of a Play Rehearsal at the Theatre Royal, 1779

   Bullet  Richard III at the Theatre Royal, 1780

Loyalist Actors and Theaters

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Loyalist Actors and Theaters

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