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Music and Poetry

Throughout history, momentous events have been chronicled by the artists who lived or witnessed them. This, of course, includes poets and composers.

The American Revolution's most famous poets and pamphleteers are undoubtedly the ones on the side of Congress, but that is not to say that the Loyalists did not provide their fair share. They are simply less well known.

That is to be expected, of course, as history most often records the victors and casts the vanquished to obscurity.

In this section we present you with some pieces of period music and poetry directly relating to the Loyalists. Much of this music was composed for a specific occasion, such as the King's Birthday holiday, or to celebrate a particular regiment.

Where possible, we have included links that will enable you to actually listen to the tune. In the future we hope to be able to provide both the tune as well as the words being sung.

We hope that by providing some of their works here, their words will once again see the light of day.

As with all our sections, we will be adding to this one over time.

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   Bullet  A Song Composed for King George's Birthday, June 4th, 1777

   Bullet  A Song Sung Before the Volunteers of Ireland, March 17, 1780

   Bullet  Cow Chace, A Bawdy, Tongue-in-Cheek Poem by Major John Andre´, 1780 (in 3 parts)

   Bullet  The Volunteers of Augusta, A New Song, 1781

   Bullet  An Untitled, Undated Loyalist Song

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