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The On-Line Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies

Submitting Records

One of the promises of the internet is the ease with which records and research can be shared.

We hope you enjoy the items you find on our site, and trust you will find them useful and of high quality. It is important to us that you have confidence that the material is accurate and well researched.

We welcome the submission of material from the public at large. Our wish is to provide as much accurate, interesting and relevant Loyalist material as possible.

However, while a quantity of information is nice, we feel the quality of the information is of primary importance. With that in mind, we reserve the right to accept or reject material at our discretion.

All material submitted should be the work of the person submitting it, whether it is an original work, or a transcription of an original document.

We will accept no material that we have reason to suspect is not the work of the submitter. We also reserve the right to perform editorial corrections in the event of errors.

Material submitted should follow the general guidelines of our site with regard to content and relevance. All work submitted will be properly credited to the submitter.

Files should be in Word (preferred), WordPerfect, or text (.txt or .rtf). Please contact us prior to sending material in a different format. Photos or graphics can be in .jpg, .gif or .bmp format. Please also inform us of the proper credit to which to attribute the photo or graphic and provide a caption if one is needed.

All submissions should include accurate and complete source citations. Work submitted without source citations will not be considered.

Reenactors wishing to update their pages may simply send us the updates or changes, and we will make the necessary corrections. Those wishing to submit new pages on behalf of their groups should follow the general design and content of the existing pages.

If you have material that you would like to submit, please contact us via email at The On-Line Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies.

We thank you for your consideration and cooperation.

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