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Church Records
Memorial of Samuel Cooke

To the Right Honourable the Lords
Commissioners of his Majestys Treasury
&c, &c, &c.

The Memorial of the Reverend Samuel COOKE Clerk,

Humbly sheweth,

That your Memorialist went over to America in 1751, as Missionary from the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, and settled in Monmouth County New Jersey, where he married, and has now living a Family of seven Children, most of them in their Minority:

That he came home on his own private Affairs in 1775, hoping that the Confusion in the Colonies would subside, before the Time in which he proposed to return; but finding that not to be the Case, and having the Offer from the Lord Bishop of London of being appointed Chaplain to the Brigade of Guards then going to America, he very readily accepted the Honour.

That in Consequence of this Appointment, his Estate in New Jersey, both real and personal, was confiscated by the American Insurgents, and was sold at publick Auction in March, 1779.

That your Memorialist on the recall of the Detachment from America, thought it his Duty to return to England with the Remains of the Brigade, though compelled by his Situation and Circumstances to leave behind him his large and helpless Family with but a very slender Support;

and that after the Losses he has sustained, he is unhappy to find that his present Income is very inadequate to the Maintenance of himself and his numerous indigent Family in America.

Your Memorialist, therefore is reduced to the painful Necessity of making known his Distress to your Lordships, and of soliciting such present Additional Relief, as your Lordships, in your Wisdom and Goodness, may conceive to be just and reasonable.

And your Memorialist &c, &c, &c.

London May 20th 1783.

I do certify that I am well acquainted with the Memorialist, and know him to be a Gentleman of unexceptionable Character, who has suffered in the Manner set forth in his Memorial, and greatly merits the Relief he solicits.

late Goverr. of New Jersey

London May 21st 1783.

I certify that I have known Mr: COOKE from his first Arrival in America, that he always bore an unexceptionable Character, and has suffered in the Manner he has set forth, and merits Attention and Relief.

Cortd: SKINNER late Atty: Genl:
of New Jersey & now B: Genl:

The Revrd: Mr: Samuel COOKE has been many years a Missionary in New Jersey in the Service of the Society for the Propogation of the Gospel in foreign Parts, and has always given Satisfaction in the Performance of his Duty as such, he is a Person of unexceptionable Character, has greatly suffered for his Loyalty by the Confiscation of his Estate, &c; and his Case, I believe highly merits the Consideration of the Right Honble: Board of Treasury.


Fulham May 26th 1783.

We believe the Facts contained in the annexed Memorial to be true, and recommend Mr: COOKE as an object worthy of your Lordships Consideration and deserving of the Relief he prays for.

Say & Sele
West Hyde Lt: Col: of the
                                    first Regt: Guards 
                                      First Major Coldstream Guards 
       1st Regt: of Guards 

London May 29th 1783.


Great Britain, Public Record Office, Audit Office, Class 13, Volume 108, folios 327-328.

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