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Index to Indian Department History

The links on this page will take you to various articles, period papers and other records of the Indian Department.

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   Bullet  List of Col. Johnson's Indian Department., n.d.

   Bullet  Return of Captain Tice's Party, n.d.

   Bullet  List of Col. Johnson's Indian Department., ca. 1776

   Bullet  Return of Officers, 1776

   Bullet  Germain to Carleton on Appointment of Claus, 1777

   Bullet  Johnson to Mackenzie, 1777

   Bullet  Claus to Johnson Regarding Fort Stanwix, 1777

   Bullet  Tice to Johnson, 1777

   Bullet  Butler to Chew (Decareaderoga), Thanks, 1780

   Bullet  Guy Johnson to Captain Nelles, 1781

   Bullet  John Dease to Captain Nelles, 1781

   Bullet  Obituary of Captain Alexander Cameron, 1782

   Bullet  Instructions to Colonel Waters, 1782

   Bullet  Appointment of Johnson as Superintendant General and Inspector General of the Six Nations, 1782

   Bullet  Battles of Bryant's Station and Blue Licks, 1782

   Bullet  Graham to Carleton, 1782

   Bullet  Maclean to Nelles Regarding Fat Cows, 1783

   Bullet  Estimate of Property Losses, n.d.

   Bullet  Witness (Brant) for Various Men, 1787

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