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Other Facts & Records

Try as we might, we couldn't seem to classify all of the documents that we wanted to present into neat categories. It was probably inevitable that we would wind up with a certain number of miscellaneous pieces of material that didn't fit neatly into any of the existing sections.

This area is where you will find those materials. There are a number of proclamations, a few pieces of rebel correspondence regarding the Loyalists and sundry and assorted other documents.

We hope you enjoy them!

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Bullet  Tories to be Arrested, St. Andrews Parish, Georgia, 1776

Bullet  Pardon for the Rebels, 1776

Bullet  Distribution of Grant's Troops in New Jersey, 1776

Bullet  George Washington to John Hancock on the Eve of the Battle of Trenton, 1776

Bullet  The Capture of Daniel Strang, 1777

Bullet  Tonyn to Prevost, 1777

Bullet  Tryon's Proclamation Offering Rewards, 1778

Bullet  Celebration of the King's Birthday, 1779

Bullet  Toasts to the King's Birthday, 1779

Bullet  Maxwell to George Washington, Various Matters, 1779

Bullet  Washington to Maxwell, Response, 1779

Bullet  Wreck of the North and the St. Helena, 1779

Bullet  G. Germain Letter - Entitlement to Establishment, 1780

Bullet  Fireworks for King's Birthday, 1780

Bullet  State of the Provincial Forces in North America, 1780

Bullet  George Washington to Col. Scammell, Orders, 1781

Bullet  Celebration of the King's Birthday, 1781

Bullet  Brice to Winslow Requesting Increased Pay, 1781

Bullet  Loyalist Declaration of Independence, 1781

Bullet  Brice to Winslow, Additional Returns, 1782

Bullet  Orders Regarding Claims within the Lines, 1783

Bullet  A Profile of the Common Loyalist Soldier

Bullet  Rebel Deserters to the Loyalist Cause

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The On-Line Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies
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