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The On-Line Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies
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A - D,   E - H,   I - L,   M - P,   Q - T,   U - Z,   List of Drafted Regiments

Regimental History

In this section you will find a selection of documents and illustrations directly relating to individual Loyalist regiments. Things such as correspondence, returns, reports, portraits, etc. may be found here. Items will be updated occasionally, so please check back from time to time to see what’s new!

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Regiments A through D

   Bullet  American Legion

   Bullet  American Volunteers

   Bullet  Armed Boat Company

   Bullet  Associated Loyalists

   Bullet  Black Hussars

   Bullet  Black Pioneers

   Bullet  British Legion   

   Bullet  Bucks County Light Dragoons

   Bullet  Bucks County Volunteers   

   Bullet  Butler's Rangers

   Bullet  Caledonian Volunteers

   Bullet  Canadian Companies

   Bullet  Charlestown South Carolina Militia

   Bullet  Charlestown Volunteer Battalion

   Bullet  DeLancey's Brigade

   Bullet  Detroit Militia   

   Bullet  Detroit Volunteers

   Bullet  Duke of Cumberland's Regiment

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Regiments E through H

   Bullet  East Florida Militia

   Bullet  East Florida Rangers

   Bullet  Emmerick's Chasseurs

   Bullet  Ethiopian Regiment   

   Bullet  Forshner's Independent Company

   Bullet  Georgia Artillery

   Bullet  Georgia Light Dragoons (local corps)

   Bullet  Georgia Light Dragoons (provincial corps)

   Bullet  Georgia Loyalists   

   Bullet  Georgia Militia   

   Bullet  Georgia Rangers

   Bullet  Governor Wentworth's Volunteers

   Bullet  Guides and Pioneers

   Bullet  Hazard's Corps of Refugees

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Regiments I through L

   Bullet  Independent Companies (Hierlihy's)

   Bullet  Independent Companies (Jamaica)

   Bullet  Indian Department

   Bullet  Jamaica Rangers

   Bullet  Jamaica Volunteers

   Bullet  James Island Troops of Light Dragoons

   Bullet  King's American Dragoons

   Bullet  King's American Rangers

   Bullet  King's American Regiment

   Bullet  King's Carolina Rangers

   Bullet  King's County, New York Militia   

   Bullet  King's Loyal Americans

   Bullet  King's Militia Volunteers

   Bullet  King's Orange Rangers

   Bullet  King's Royal Regiment of New York

   Bullet  Kinloch's Light Dragoons

   Bullet  Locke's Independent Company

   Bullet  Loyal American Association

   Bullet  Loyal American Rangers

   Bullet  Loyal American Regiment   

   Bullet  Loyal Associated Refugees

   Bullet  Loyal Irish Volunteers

   Bullet  Loyal New Englanders

   Bullet  Loyal Newport Associators

   Bullet  Loyal Ordnance Volunteers

   Bullet  Loyal Rangers

   Bullet  Loyal Refugee Volunteers   

   Bullet  Loyal Rhode Islanders

   Bullet  Loyal Volunteers of the City of New York

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Regiments M through P

   Bullet  Mackay's/Pfister's/Leake's Corps of Royalists

   Bullet  Maryland Loyalists

   Bullet  Maryland Royal Retaliators

   Bullet  McAlpin's Corps of Royalists

   Bullet  Monmouth County New Jersey Militia

   Bullet  Mosquito Shore Volunteers

   Bullet  Nassau Blues

   Bullet  Newfoundland Regiment

   Bullet  Newfoundland Volunteers

   Bullet  New Jersey Volunteers   

   Bullet  New York Independent Highland Volunteers

   Bullet  New York Volunteers

   Bullet  North Carolina Independent Company

   Bullet  North Carolina Militia

   Bullet  North Carolina Volunteers

   Bullet  Nova Scotia Volunteer Militia Regiment

   Bullet  Nova Scotia Volunteers

   Bullet  Philadelphia Light Dragoons   

   Bullet  Prince of Wales' American Regiment

   Bullet  Provincial Corps of Pennsylvania Loyalists

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Regiments Q through T

   Bullet  Quebec (City and Parish) Militia   

   Bullet  Queen's American Rangers   

   Bullet  Queens County, New York Militia

   Bullet  Queen's Loyal Rangers

   Bullet  Rattan & Black River Volunteers

   Bullet  Roman Catholic Volunteers

   Bullet  Royal American Reformees

   Bullet  Royal Fencible Americans

   Bullet  Royal Garrison Battalion

   Bullet  Royal Highland Emigrants (84th Regiment)

   Bullet  Royal North British Volunteers

   Bullet  Royal North Carolina Regiment

   Bullet  Saint John's Volunteers

   Bullet  South Carolina Light Dragoons (Fenwick's)

   Bullet  South Carolina Militia

   Bullet  South Carolina Royalists   

   Bullet  Stewart's Troop of Light Dragoons

   Bullet  Suffolk County, NY Militia

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Regiments U through Z

   Bullet  Volunteers of Augusta

   Bullet  Volunteers of Ireland

   Bullet  Volunteers of New England

   Bullet  West Jersey Volunteers

   Bullet  Westchester Chasseurs

   Bullet  Westchester County New York Militia

   Bullet  West Florida Loyal Refugees

   Bullet  West Florida Provincials   

   Bullet  West Florida Royal Foresters

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Drafted Loyalist Regiments

   Bullet  Drafted Regiments

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