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Indian Department
List of Men

A List of Colonel JOHNSONís Department of Indian Affairs-

Colonel BUTLER Appointed Deputy Superintendant by Col. JOHNSON
the 4th of June 1775
Gilbert TICE Appointed Captain by    Col. JOHNSON 4th June 1775
Nathaniel HILLIARD Appointed Lieut.     by   do                          do
Daniel STEEL do                               do                          do
James BENNETT Appointed Commissary do                          do
John JOHNSON Appointed Lieut.     by   do                    1st July 1775
William JOHNSON do                               do                          do
John POWEL do                               Col: CALDWELL 1776
Louis CLEMENT do                               do                        do
James WILSON do                               do                        do
James CALDWELL do                               do                        do
Edward RIDLEY do                               do                        do
Peter TINBRUCK do                         by  Capt. LARNOULT   do
Andrew THOMPSON do                               do                        do
Bernard FREY do                               do                        do
George McGINNES do                               do                        do
Samuel THOMPSON do                               do                        do
John Joseph HARCAMON Volunteer
Frederick YOUNG do
Peter MULLER Private
John DALTON do
George STEWARD do
Benjamin DAVIS do
Peter DANIEL do
Michael MOORN do
Thomas SUTTON do
Charles HUMPHREYS do
Derrick BELL do
John RILEY do
Daniel PADREW do
Derrick DEDRICK do
John GREEN do
John DEPEW do
John YOUNG do
Daniel YOUNG do
Philip HOUES do
Closs a Negro do
----- SMITH do
[no date]

Great Britain, Public Record Office, War Office, Class 28, Volume 10, folios 399-400.

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