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Index to Royal Fencible Americans History

The links on this page will take you to various articles, period papers and other records of the Royal Fencible Americans.

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   Bullet  Goreham's Proposal to Raise a Battalion, 1775

   Bullet  Legge's Orders to Justices of the Peace, 1775

   Bullet  Warrant to Lieutenant James Freeman, 1775

   Bullet  Return of Officers, n.d.

   Bullet  Petition of Richard Wilson, 1775

   Bullet  Orders to Lieutenant Clinch, 1776

   Bullet  Report of an Attack on the Enemy, Siege of Fort Cumberland, 1776

   Bullet  Goreham to Governor Montagu of Newfoundland, 1777

   Bullet  Desertion Notice, 1777

   Bullet  Howe to Goreham, 1777

   Bullet  Mackenzie on the Accounts of the Regiment, 1777

   Bullet  Account of Money Paid for the Hospital, 1778

   Bullet  Account of Money Paid for Apprehending Deserters, 1779

   Bullet  Goreham to Clinton, Request for Leave, 1780

   Bullet  Return for Batt, Baggage, & Forage Money, 1781

   Bullet  Goreham's Complaint Against Major Thomas Batt, n.d.

   Bullet  Studholme to Fox, Altercation with Men of the NJV, 1783

   Bullet  Fox to Prevost, Orders to Disband, 1783

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