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Post War Settlement
Memorial of George Woodley

This memorial was kindly donated for the use of The On-Line Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies by Patricia Gangl.

George WOODLEY was evacuated to what is now New Brunswick from New York City in 1783 along with thousands of other Loyalists, where he was discharged.

Sometime later Govenor SIMCOE visited and persuaded some Loyalists to resettle in Upper Canada. Newark was the original name for what became Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario.

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His Excellency John Graves SIMCOE
Esquire Lieutenant Govenor General and
Commander in Chief of the Province of
Upper Canada. Order in Council.

The Petition of George WOODLEY

Humbly Shreweth.

That your Petitioner faithfully served his Majesty near Seven Years in the New Jersey Volunteers 1st Batt, lastly commanded by, Lt. Colonel DELANCY was regularly discharged and has been several Years Settled in this Province.

Your Petitioner has lived on Mr. McNABBs Farm and Never drew his Bounty Lands. Wherefore he prays a Grant of 300 Acres/

Your Petitioner begs leave to inform your Excellency That he shared the Fatigues and dangers of the contest in Carolina was at The Battle of Eutawa Springs and many others, has a wife and five children and prays for an additional Grant to accommodate a growing Family whom your Petitioner believes will ever be faithful to the British Government. Your Petitioner will ever pray- George WOODLEY. His Mark. X

17 July 1795.

National Archives of Canada, Upper Land Petitions, "W" Bundle 1, 1792-1796, RGI, L3, Vol. 522.

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