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Westchester County Militia
Raid on White Plains

[NOTE: Although the following newspaper account is inconclusive as to whether this raid was carried out by Emmerick's Chasseurs or the Westchester County Militia, other sources point to the Westchester County Militia, of which Major BAREMORE was a member.]

[December 24th, 1778]

Last week a party of Col. EMMERICH’s chasseurs made an excursion as far as the White Plains, where they collected a large quantity of Indian and other meal.

They at the same time took prisoner, the noted Daniel Williams and his plundering crew, consisting of 12 men, who had met to enjoy the festivity of the season at the expence of those they had plundered.

This man ever devoid of principle and actuated by low cunning, lived on the perquisites attending courts where his evidence often times gave an unexpected turn to a suit:

But since the suppression of law and order, he has had the command of three hundred free-booters, whom the rebels denominate the flying party, with whom he has signalized himself in the miserable county of West-Chester, by acts of the most cruel degrading nature, and such as entitle him to that punishment: that the robbers of the widow, the fatherless and afflicted, never fail sooner or later to meet with.

Two weeks since he carried off eleven young men, inhabitants of East-Chester, for the great crime of preserving their loyalty to the King and constitution of their country.

Another account says--  Major Mansfield BAREMORE, with 25 Refugee Volunteers, from West-Farms, proceeded to Joseph Youngs, four miles beyond White Plains, stormed his house, killed two Rebels, and took prisoner Capt. Daniel Williams, a dangerous Partizan, Isaac Van Tassel, Serjeant, Joseph Young, Committee-man, John Payne, and Jonathon Handler, privates, redeemed four Refugees they had the preceeding evening surprised and carried with them, and brought away a quantity of live stock.

There was no other party whatever concerned in this enterprize.   Major BAREMORE.

The Royal Gazette, (New York), December 30th, 1778.

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