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Post War Settlement
Petition of Mary Teder

To His Excellency John Graves Simcoe Eqr.
General & Commander in Chief of his Majesties
Province of Upper Canada &c &c &c in Councill

The Petition of Mary Teder
humbly Sheweth

That her late Honourd Husband George Keefer Joined the British army with Colonel Barton and Served in his Majesties Service Upwards of three Years in which time he was a prisoner under the Rebels one year and ten and [sic] Months in that time of his Imprisonment he Suffered great harships So that it Cost him his life he died on Staten Island Eleven Day[s] After his Exchange. Your Petitioner would Wish to Acquaint your Honours that She Suffered in Confistication of Real and Personal property above the Amount of Five Hundred Pounds. That She was turned out of Doors and with three Orphan Children to Seek their Maintenance by her Industry and not A bed left to lye on. Your Petitioner would wish to Inform your Honours that She Never Received any Compensation from Goverment for her Losses on account of her Indigent Circumstances that Renderd her Incapable of Making Application at the time when his Majesty was pleased to make the Loyalists Losses good.

Your Petitioner being Removed into this Province understanding your Extencive Bounty to the Approvd Loyalists in Grants of Land makes her more boldly Aproach your Honours to See if you in your Wisdom would Seem meet to Grant her Orphan Children any Aditional Lands more than Common Setlers for their Losses and their Father’s Servises and Attachment to His Majesties Government. and your Petitioner is Ever to pray

Mary Teder
late Widow of George Keefer


The Petition of
Mary Teder, Late
Widow of Geo. Keefer

read in Council June
26, 1795

referred to the Surveyor
General & if her Sons have
not had lands granted them –
200 acres each are to be
given them.

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Library and Archives Canada, Upper Canada Land Petitions, “T’ Bundle 1, 1792-1796, RG 1, L 3, Volume 495, No. 18.

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