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Orderly Books
Royal Artillery Regiment


Royal Artillery Orders
Philadelphia 2 December 1777

The Commdg. Offcr. of Col. MORRIS’s Corps will give Brigdr–General PATTISON this day a return of men in that Corps fit for immediate service who with Offcrs. in proportion are to join the Park of Artillery tomorrow morning at 10 oclock.

Royal Artillery Orders
Philadelphia 3 December 1777

The detachment of Col. MORRIS’s Corps under Orders of march, are to march with the Waggons and spare ammunition, as soon as the Waggons come to their ground, this Corps will mount a Guard of a Serjt. and 12 men over them for their protection.

The Commissary to deliver out 12 sets of Arms and Accoutrements, with 10 rounds of ammunition for each to the senior officer of Col. MORRIS’s Corps under orders who will be answerable for them.

[Philadelphia] 4 January 1778

One officer and thirty men of the Jersey Volunteers to parade tomorrow morning without arms they are to go across the Schuykill to Cut Wood 25 Waggons to be sent to bring in the wood. The working Party of that Corps for unloading of stores to be Continued as usual.

Major COLDEN will give in every Monday Morning to the Brigade Major a State of the Detachment under his command.

[Philadelphia] 7 January 1778

The Jersey Volunteers are to give 26 men daily from those who have been taught the Artillery Exercise for the Detachs. for the Batts. and the several Redoubts which are to be in the following proportion, viz.

Royl. Artillery Jersey Volunteers
Redts. N: Comd. P Privates Total
No. 1 2 8 4 14
       2 1 4 2 7
       3 1 4 2 7
       4 1 4 2 7
       5 1 4 2 7
       6 1 4 2 7
       7 1 5 2 8
       8 1 4 2 7
       9 1 4 4 9
       10 1 6 2 9
       11 1 4 2 7
total 12 51 26 89

They are to Parade every morning at the State House with the Royl. Artillery under the Inspection of the Captain of the Week and to be marched off at the same time to the several redoubts: the rest of the Effectives of that Corps— Non Commissioned Officers & privates to parade every Morning at the Appointed hour for working parties to be detached as the Service may require by the Captain of the week or the Commanding Officer on the Parade.

The Adjutant or an orderly officer of that corps must Attend every Parade.

Wood Cutting Party— 1 Officer & 30 Men of the N. Jersey Volunteers. For Unloading Stores Jersey Volunteers As Usual.

Royal Artillery Orders
[Philadelphia] 14 May 1778

1 N. C. Offcr. and 2 Pvts, Royal Artillery and 3 New Jersey Volunteers to parade tomorrow morning at 9 o’clock to relieve the detachment with the 55th Regt. in the Jersies.

1 N.C.O. and 2 R.A. and 3 Jersey Volunteers to parade at the same time to relieve the detachment with the 63rd Regt.

These detachments to take with them 1 weeks provisions, Frocks, and Forage Caps.

Brigade Orders
[New York] 27 August 1778

John JOHNSTON, Private Soldier in Col. MORRIS’ Corps and additional Gunner found Guilty of absenting himself 2 days from his Command without leave is sentenced to receive 100 lashes in the usual manner. The Brigdr. Genl. is pleased to remit the Corporal Punishment adjudged the Prisoner JOHNSTON, but orders his Grog to be stopped for 1 week.

2 Three Pounders with shafts with 2 NCOs & 8 R&F of the Royal Artillery and 2 Privates of the N.J.V. to join the 2nd Battalion of the 71st Regiment at Kingsbridge.

2 Privates of the N.J.V. to join the 1st Battalion of the 71st.

Orderly Book of the Royal Artillery Regiment, James Pattison Papers, Woolwich, Royal Artillery Regiment Library

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