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Orderly Books
Queen's American Rangers

[The following appear to be parts of an Orderly Book kept by the Queen's American Rangers. It is in two different hands, is missing pages and some pages are not in order.]

...hospital for their sick, will send proper persons to settle their Accounts with the Purveyor Immediately.

Ensign GREEN of the 62nd Regiment will settle the Accounts of all men of absent Corps, who have been left here, and Charge their Stoppages Against their respective Pay Masters or Agents.

Head Qrs. New York 21st May 1779

The 17th Dragoons, the light Infantry, the British & Hessian Grenadiers, the 17th Foot, the Yawgers, Queens Rangers, the Loyal American Regiment, Emmericks Chasseurs, the Legion & Captain FERGUSONs detachment are to hold themselves in readiness to March on the Shortest notice.

Returns of the Difficiency of Tents and Camp Equipage in every Regiment to be sent Immediately to the Qr. Mr. Genl. specifying by what means the several Deficiencys have been Occationed.

A Return of Volunteers, Specefying the Persons by whom they were Recommended to serve as such to be sent to the Adjt. Genl.

R:O Newtown 24th May 1779

The Officers are Acquainted that nothing more than a small Portmanteau will be allowed to be carried in the Waggons for each Officer.

R:O Newtown 25th May 1779

The Serjeants DWYER & COLLINS having by Drunkenness and quarrelling on the Publick Road, Attracted the notice of the Genl. Offr. under whom the Regt. is to have the honor of Acting the ensueing Campaign, the Lt. Col. Commandant in order to mark his disapprobation of such Scandalous Misbehaviour, and to vindicate the discipline of the Regt. Reduces them by his own Authority to serve as private Centinels.

the Lt. Col: takes this oppertunity of expressing the great Satisfaction he has in the general good Appearance which has attracted universal notice & the Soldierly Behaviour of the Serjants of the Regiment, they may depend upon his utmost support in the execution of their duty, and his protection in every Situation, If any of their Body shall in the least discredit it by any Misbehaviour the Lt. Col. on their Application thro the Adjutant will reduce such Offender, without a Court Martial.

Officers for the day tomorrw Captn. DUNLOP & Lt. WILLSON-

Head Qrs. New York 22nd May 1779

The Commander in Chief is pleased to make the following Promotions

16th Foot

Lt. HAZLETON from 4th Battn. 60th to be Lt. Vice
CALDERWOOD kill'd 4th Feby. 1779

17th Foot

Ens. HEYMAN to be Lt. Vice
O'BRYAN deceased.
Voulenteer HEMAN to be Ensn. Vice HEYMAN.

43rd Regt.

Capt. Lt. THORN to be Captain Vice
GUNNING Promoted in Europe 24th April 1779-

[the book is missing pages at this point]

[...] for the Cavalry will send an Orderly Dragoon every morning to Attend the Major of Brigade for the day. Major of Brigade for tomorrow COLLINS.

Genl. Orders 1st July 1779

The Genl. Court Martial of which Lt. Col. WATSON is President is adjourned till further Orders.

Head Qrs. New York 25th June 1779

Serjt. ROSSWELL of the Volrs. of Ireland try'd by the Genl. Court Martial of which Lt. Col. JOHNSON is President for committing a Rape on the Body of Elizabeth RATTENBURY is found Guilty and sentenced to suffer Death. The Commander in Chief confirms the above sentance.

Geo: BRUCE of 71st Grends. try'd for Desertion is Acquitted. Benjn. RAYNER of 37th Grenadiers tried for being two Miles out of Camp without leave and for plundering in the Country is found Guilty and sentenced to receive 1000 lashes in the Usual manner- The Comr. in Chief confirms both those sentances, Orders BRUCE to be released and RAYNER to receive the Punishment rewarded him at the discretion of his Commanding Officer.

The Above Genl. Court Martial is dissolved.

New York 26th June 1779

Captn. LARD will Dispatch a Vessel twice a Week to Phillipsburg & to Verplanks Point, All letters &c to be sent to his Office by every Tuesday or Saturday.

University of Michigan, William L. Clements Library, Simcoe Papers 1774-1824.

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