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Regular Army/Navy
38th Regiment: Summary of Service

This summary of the service of the 38th, or Staffordshire, Regiment during the American Revolution was kindly donated for our use by Carol Vater, a descendant of Alexander Forbes, who served in the Regiment.

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Summary of Service 1774-83

1774Departed Athone, Ireland and arrived Boston, Massachusetts.
1775Boston. (Flank coys at Lexington.) Battle of Breeds Hill (Bunker Hill), made final (third) assault on the hill and appears to have suffered higher casualties than any other unit.
1776Boston, August, to Staten Island. Battle of Brooklyn in 3rd Brigade. (Flank coys in 1st Grenadier and Light Battalions at Battle of Haarlem Heights.) Capture of Fort Washington. (Flank coys capture of Fort Lee.) December, Staten Island. (Flank coys at Brunswick, N. J.
1777New York area. (Flank coys at Battles of Brandywine, Philadelphia, and Germantown.)
1778New York, June, to Brunswick and Piscatawa. (Flank coys in retreat across New Jersey. Battle of Monmouth.) July, to Rhode Island. Operations for relief of Newport. (Flank coys also in Rhode Island.)
1779Back in New York area. December, Flushing Fly, Long Island, one detachment at Jamaica, Long Island. (September, one flank coy in New York, one New Bedford, Long Island.)
1780April, Jamaica, Long Island. July, Camp Valentine Hill. (Flank coys, East Chester.)
1781June, Haarlem Heights. (Flank coys, Long Island.) Raid on New London.
1782February, Flushing. (Flank coys as for 1781.) July, Befford Camp or Camp Bedford Heights.
1783October-November, withdrew from New York and returned to the United Kingdom.

Courtesy of Colonel H C B Cook, OBE (Retired)
Regimental Historian

Copyright 1976, Herbert E. Forbes, Jr.

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