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Westchester County New York Militia

WEST-CHESTER, May 27, 1780.

Yesterday the remains of Captain SOLOMON FOWLER, were buried with the honours of war, in the Burying ground on Huntís Point.

This Gentleman was unfortunately killed in an attack upon the picket guard of the rebels at Horseneck, in Connecticut, on the morning of the 22d, and his body had been brought down on the 25th, by some of his friends, who went out with a flag for that purpose.

He lately raised a troop of thirty light horse, and joined the Loyal Refugees, under Colonel James DeLANCEY, in defending that part of the country against the incursions of the rebels; and in retaliating on them the many injuries and insults which the loyal inhabitants have frequently and without provocation, received from the lawless banditti.

In the death of Capt. FOWLER, his acquaintance have to regret the loss of an hospitable, social, and worthy man; the corps to which he belonged, a gallant, active, and good tempered officer; his country, a loyal, firm and steady patriot; and his widow and seven children, a tender, affectionate and provident husband and parent.

He early opposed this mad rebellion; through the whole course of it hath sacrificed his property to his principles, and lost his life in endeavouring to re-establish that legal Government, the want of which all good men so much regret, and whose restoration they all so anxiously wish.

The Royal Gazette, (New York), June 3rd, 1780.

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