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Roman Catholic Volunteers
Approval for Corps

Head Quarters Germantown 7th October 1777


I had the Honor to lay your Queries before the Commander in Chief, and to receive his sentiments respecting your proposal of raising a Corps.

It is understood that this Corps is to Consist of Roman Catholicks only on a presumption that they will prefer serving under an Officer to whom they are naturally attached, and not interfere with other Levies; the Commander in Chief therefore means that in raising it you do engage none others but of the Roman Catholick community.

I am also directed to desire you will be pleased, previous to your entering upon this Business to make known the number of Men you think upon a moderate Computation, can be engaged for immediate service, and agreeable thereto to recommend a Captain, Lieutenant and Ensign for every fifty Seven men, which including non Commissioned officers, will Compose a Company.

The engagement of the Men must be for two years, or during the continuance of the Rebellion in North America, if required, they will receive pay, provisions, Arms and Cloathing as soon as it can be got round from New York, in the Same manner as his Majesty's regular Troops, of course they are under the same order and discipline.

The Non Commissioned Officers and Men will be Intituled to Lands agreeable to the Kings Proclamation at the Close of the last War.

The men are to be approved by an Officer who will be appointed for that purpose, and will Commence pay from the date of their attestations.

The Officers also will receive pay according to their success in recruiting, and the full proportion of the different Ranks is, as follows, A Captain thirty men, A Lieutenant fifteen Men, an Ensign twelve Men.

A Bounty of five Dollars in Specie will be given to every Man approved of.

I hope the above will satisfy all your doubts, and I have the Honor to be.

Your most obedient Servant
(Signed)   Robert MACKENZIE

[Alfred] CLIFTON Esqr.

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Headquarters Papers of the British Army in America, PRO 30/55/698.

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