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Queen's American Rangers

To His Excellency Sir Henry CLINTON Knight of the most Honorable Order of the Bath, Commander in Chief of His Majestyís Forces in North America-

The Memorial of Daniel FRASER and John GRIFFITHS Superceded Captains in the Queens American Rangers-

Humbly Sheweth-

That the Memorialistís Having been Superceded in the above mentioned Corps and conceiving themselves thereby Aggrieved, they some time ago transmitted the State of their Case to Lord George GERMAIN, and the Memorialist Daniel FRASER lately upon his applying to Col. INNES received for Answer from him that a Copy of the said Memorial had been sent him by the Secretary of State, and your Excellency had transmitted an Answer thereto-

That since the time that the memorialistís were Superceded they have not received any pay or Subsistence neither has there been any provision made for them-

That influenced by Loyalty to their King and an ardent Zeal for his Service as well as by a due regard to their own Reputations they have constantly hoped that they should be restored to their former Stations, the expectation of which has been the Reason of their not having turned themselves to some Business for their Support-

That the Memorialists have large Families and have been put to great difficulties to provide for them since their dismission from the Army, and are at present reduced to the necessity of making their Case known to Your Excellency.

The Memorialists therefore relying on Your Excellencys humane and benevolent disposition, most humbly pray that your Excellency will be favorably pleased to Order them some Subsistence until His Majestyís pleasure is known concerning their Case-

And the Memorialists as in
duty bound will every pray &c

New York
Novr. 23d. 1779

University of Michigan, William L. Clements Library, Sir Henry Clinton Papers, Volume 76, item 42.

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