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Queen's American Rangers
Posts in Case of Alarm

[Oyster Bay 1778]

In Case of Alarm the following are to be the Posts of the different Comps.-

Capt. McRAE & KERR’s Comps. (supposed to be the Right) to maintain their Barracks. Capt. McRAE’s above & Capt. KERR’s below Stairs.

Capt. DUNLOP’s Compy. to occupy the Right Hand sunken Fleché, Capt. SAUNDERS the Left. Which ever of these Companies gains its post first, to be divided & Occupy both Flechés till the Arrival of the other.

Capt. SMITH’s to occupy the Sunken Work in front of the Artillery Barrack.

The Huzzars, will be provided with Arms & are to gain the Fleché on the left of Capt. SMITH’s, nor are they to think of their Horses ‘till ordered to get them by a Field Officer, or the Senior Officer within the Second Abbatis who commands the whole of the Outworks & Redoubt.

Capt. STEVENSON & SHANKS Comps. to retreat on the Heights to the one tree Hill, & to act according to Emergency, retreating from if Attacked & recoiling on the Enemy if they retreat & falling on their Rear if they attempt to force the Redoubt.

Capt. AGNEW’s Compy. to form in front of its own Barrack. The Grenadiers & Highlanders to join the Lt. Infantry & the Picquet of Cavalry to join the Lt. Infantry at the Barracks.

The Guards to retreat & join the first Compy. under arms, if Attacked to keep up a galling Fire.

All Soldiers whether Officers Servants or others, whom their Commanding Officers permit to lie out of their Barracks, are to have their Arms with them & to join the first party under arms that they meet.

The most profound silence to be kept.

The Lt. Colonel recommends it to the Officers not to fire if possible, but of the necessity they must judge themselves; Whatever Quarter is attacked must be defended.

The first Officer that gets to his Compy. to march it to its Post.

Every Quarter will be fortified as soon as possible. Every Soldier must have his post in it their Arms must be Arranged, & Bayonets always fixed & the doors Barricaded when the Barracks are finished, the Comdg. Officers must report to the Lt. Colonel who will inspect them.

The Officer in the Redoubt in case from Necessity or intention the Regt. shall not join him, must maintain his post, if He cannot keep the Platforms He is to dismount his Cannon & bring them into his Guard House, which He is to defend unless attacked by Cannon with his life.

The Officers Comdg. Comps. will copy such orders as relate to themselves only & inform their Subalterns of them.

To ask for an Explanation of such parts as they do not perfectly understand both in this & all other situations.

No Soldier or Non Comd. Officer to be acquainted with these Orders.

University of Michigan, William L. Clements Library, Simcoe Papers 1774-1824.

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