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Nova Scotia Volunteers

By His Excellency Francis LEGGE Esquire Capt. General and Governor in Chief in and over His Majesty’s Province of Nova Scotia, and it’s dependencies, Vice Admiral of the same, and Colonel of His Majesty’s Loyal Regiment of Nova Scotia Volunteers &c &c &c

A Proclamation

Whereas I have repeatedly received Credible Information, that from motives best known to the propagators it has been industriously insinuated, among other things that the abovenamed Regiment was to be broke, and those who should be inlisted therein were to be drafted into other Regiments, and sent out of the Province from their Families and Propertys; And Also that the Soldiers belonging to the said Regiment would not receive the same pay and Allowance as Soldiers of other Regiments in His Majesty’s Service--

To prevent therefore the ill Effects which such groundless reports may produce in the minds of the Credulous and unwary and thereby prove of prejudice as well to the Service in general as to His Majestys said Regiment [in] particular by discouraging those who are otherwise inclined from Attaching themselves to it I have therefore [seen] fit to publish this Proclamation declaring His Majestys most gracious intentions in Appointing the said Regiment to be rais’d.

And I do therefore declare, that it is His Majestys pleasure and Order that the said Regiment, shall be a Provincial Regiment to Serve within and for the defence and Security of this Province, only during the Continuance of the present Rebellion in America, at the end of which every person belonging to said Regiment, will be intitled to His discharge, and a Bounty of Land, in this Province to Wit two hundred Acres to a Non-Commissioned Officer, and fifty Acres to a Private Soldier.

That none of the Soldiers belonging to the said Regiment will be liable to be draughted into any other Regiment in His Majesty’s Service, or required to serve out of this Province, that until the disbanding of the said Regiment, the Officers and Soldiers were to be intitled to, and receive the same pay Provisions, Fuel, Quarters, Cloathing and other advantages Emoluments and Allowances, that are Allowed paid or given to Officers and Soldiers of any other of His Majesty’s Regiments of Infantry Serving in America--

Given under my hand & Seal at Halifax this first day of March 1776 in the 16th Year of His Majestys Reign.

signed   Frans. LEGGE

By His Excellency’s Command
   signed   Richd. BLUKELEY

NB-- this Proclamation done by Capt. BARRY the Govrs. Secy.
& sent to Mr. BULKELEY to be Counter signed.

Public Archives of Nova Scotia, RG 1, Volume 170, pages 197-200.

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