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Nova Scotia Volunteers
Orders to Lay Out Land

By His Excellency John PARR Captain General
& Governor in Chief in and over his Majestys
Province of Nova Scotia and its Dependencies

To Charles MORRIS Chief Surveyor of Land

You are forthwith by yourself or your Deputy to admeasure & layout unto The Officers, Non Commissioned Officers and their families of the late Royal Nova Scotia Volunteers a Plantation containing four Thousand four hundred Acres of Land at Ship Harbour agreeable to the List hereunto annex'd and make a due Return into the Secretary's Office within six months from the Date hereof with a Plot or Description hereunto annex'd as also to certify the Nature and Quality of the said Lands conformable to His Majesty's Instructions and for so doing this shall be your Warrant.

Given under my hand at Halifax this First Day of July 1784.


Return of the Names, Rank & number in each Family destined as Settlers for Ship Harbour & Owls Head 2d June 1784-

Names Rank No. in Family Acres
Thomas GREEN Captain 3   150
Andrew POWER Serjeant 1   200
Oliver NEWCOMB     Do 5   450
Joseph GRANDY Corporal 1   200
John BERRY     Do 1   200
John BUDD     Do 3   300
Archibald LAWLOR     Do 2   250
Thomas COOKE     Do 3   100
Richard MEAGHER Private 1   100
John BERNAN Private 1   100
Daniel WEEKS     Do 2   150
Thomas CURTAIN     Do 1   100
James POWER     Do 1   100
Sylvester McGRATH     Do 1   100
John RYLEY     Do 1   100
James DOWER     Do 4   250
Edward McGUIRE     Do 1   100
Robert WELSH     Do 1   100
Denis NEWMAN     Do 1   100
John CONDON     Do 1   100
Edmund MULCICHY     Do 1   100
John SWEENEY     Do 1   100
Jesse DOUGHERTY     Do 1   100
John MYERS     Do 3   200
John REARDON     Do 2   150
Edward MURPHY     Do 1   100
Patrick DELANEY     Do 1   100
George CROTTY     Do 1   100
William HUNTINGDON     Do 1   100
James HURLY     Do 2   150

Public Archives of Nova Scotia, RG 20A, Volume 4, 1784-120.

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