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British Legion
Memorial of Captain Donald McPherson

The Memorial of Capt. Donald McPHERSON Commanding the Infantry British Legion in behalf of Himself and Corps under his Command.


That in the Year 1778 a Corps was rais’d by the Right Honorable Lord CATHCART consisting of Six Troops of Cavalry, and Six Companys of Infantry stiled the British Legion; in the raising of which the Men were indiscriminately order’d to Cavalry or Infantry, at the discretion of the immediate Commanding Officer.

That the Infantry when serving with, or detach’d from, the Cavalry of the Corps, have ever met with the aprobation of the several Generals under whome they have serv’d, which appears by the dispatches and orders of thanks of Sir Henry CLINTON, Earl CORNWALLIS, Lord RAWDON, and Majr. General PATERSON, respectively.

That on the 7th March 1781, the Secretary of State for the American department signified the Royal pleasure, that in reward for their services the Officers of the British Legion shou’d have permanent rank, and that on the reduction of the Corps, His Majesty wou’d recommend it to Parliament to grant them half pay.

That the Right Honorable Lord RAWDON for one instance of the good behavour of the Infantry of the British Legion, at Hanging Rock, in South Carolina, in August 1780 offered them Colours and the Officers upon the spot Medals which were declin’d by the direction of Lt. Col. TARLETON.

That the Infantry of the Corps conceive themselves sharers in the dangers, Fatigues, and extraordinary exertions it has made, and therefore feel most sensibly the discrimination held out by the subsequent order Establishing the Cavalry only, especially when they advert to the Infantry of the Queens Rangers (in similar circumstances) who are Establish’d.

The Officers of the Infantry of the British Legion conceive it unnecessary to urge any thing farther on this subject, convinc’d that Your Excellency will take their services into consideration and make such representations to His Majestys Ministers as to Your Excellency may appear proper.

New York August [blank] 1783

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Headquarters Papers of the British Army in America, PRO 30/55/8934.

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