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Orderly Books
British Legion, 1778


Orderly Book of
Capt. SCOTT's Company
Of the British Legion
Under the Command
of the Right Honorable

Greenwich Near N. York

L.O. Octr. 28th 1778

The Shoemakers will Imeditly Set About making Acutrements and the men who is not compleat With haversacks, to finishing these and ones the Old Battn. are expected to be perfectly Uniform'd by fryday Morning, when it is expected the General will see them. Capt. for the Day tomorrow Capt. McKINZY. Officers for Guard tomorrow Lt. James McDONALD With one Sergt, 1 Corpl. and Twenty one Privates. Officer tomorrow Lt. McBEAN. Store Guard one Corpl. & fore Privates.

Garrison Orders
L.O. Octr. 29th 1778

Capt. for the Day tomorrow Capt. McCOLOUGH. Officer for Guard Lt. McBEAN with 1 Sergt, 1 Corpl. 21 privets. Store Guard 1 Corpl. 4 privets. Orderly Officer tomorrow Lt. McCLOUD. As many of the Trowsers want Altering or mending the Companys will Immeditly Apply to the master Taylor Begining with Capt. Scotts Company and then from the right of the Battn. after Orders the General Court Martial of which Lt. Colo. BIRCH is president is Ajurn'd till further Orders.

L.O. Novr. 11th 1778

The Commanding Officers his Directed the Rum of the Scotch Company to be Stoped as a punishment for their particular in alacrity since being in this Quarters, and theay may expect will Be Continued to be is Untill theay Discover the guilty person Or a Sufficient Quantity is Stopt to Repay the Inhabitants for damage done.

A Court Martial to sit this fore noon to try URQUART & Daniel INNISS of the Scotch Company On Suspicion of Killing Cattle and plundring the Inhabitants, A quantity of fresh meat &c. being found in their possession & Such other prisoners as shall be Brought Before them.

Capt. SCOTT president
Lt. DARBY Members Lt. L. McDONALD

Capt. For the Day tomorow Capt. SCOTT. Officer for Guard Lt. DARBY with 1 S 1 C & 20 P. Orderly Officer Tomorrow Lt. L. McDONALD.

L O Novr. 15th 1778

Linning Cloth to make 50 Shirts Pr. Company will be Issued by the Quar. Master to the Commanding Officers of Companys. Likewise Twenty pair of New Shoes & Ten pair Soles for Which theay will give a Receipt. And Supply their men which are most in Want.

What Trowsers theare is in Store Will Today be giving out to the Companys According to theare Strength and the men whoe are the worst of[f] for Clothing Supplyd with them till further Orders. The Taylors to be Constantly at work 8 O'Clock morning to 8 O'Clock Night in finishing the Trowsers. The men that are Appointed to the Artillery will be practst for two Hours in the Midle of the day theay are not to mount Guard but to due all other Duty and attend Rowl Call. Capt. for the Day tomorow Capt. SCOTT. Officer for Guard Lt. DARBY with 1 Sergt, 2 Corpls. 21 privets. Orderly Officer Tomorow Lt. Laucklin McDONALD.

L O Novr. 19th 1778

Capt. for the Day to Morrow Capt. SCOTT. Officer for Guard Lt. DARBY with 1 Sarjt. 2 Corpls. 24 Privates. Orderly Officer Lt. McLOUD. After L O-  In Consequence of the Disordaly Behavior of the Men Going att Night into the Country & killing Sheep, 3 Corporals & 12 men more to Rainforce the Guard & the Subbalton officer Of the Guard will send a Corporal & 4 men out Every half Hour to Pattrole the Different Directions about the Town & make Prisoners every Soldier found out of his Quarters they will begin Pattroleing att Dark & Return to the Barracks after Day Brake.

Princeton University Library, Andre´ de Coppett Collection.

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