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Claims and Memorials
Petition of Scipio Handley of South Carolina

To the Honourable Lords Commissioners of
his Majesty’s Treasury

The humble Petition of Scipio HANDLEY


That the said Scipio HANDLEY after leaving Chas.town in South Carolina in the year One Thousand seven hundred & seventy five on account of Lord William Campbell as was already mentioned in a former Petition to your Honors, was obliged to go to Barbadoes in the West Indies

and stayed there untill he heard that Georgia in Savannah was taken by the British troops and then the said Scipio HANDLEY left Barbadoes and went to Georgia in a ship called Eagle commanded by Captn. TURNER;

and there remained untill the Rebels & french troops came and laid siege to the Town of Georgia,

and as it was very bare of troops all that was in it were Employed both White & Black, in order to Endeavour to keep them off, as if they had succeeded in their attempt they would have had no mercy on many,

your Petitioner could Expect none, as they had often threatned his life if Ever he should be caught for quitting Charlestown in One Thousand Seven hudred & Seventy five when they were contriving to put him to death.

Your Petitioner during the time of the Siege of Georgia was Employed at the Armoury Shop, Running grape shot and Carrying them out to the Redoubts and Batteries.

The Siege Continued for near six weeks, Your Petitioner in performing the dutys of his Station unluckily received a Musket Ball in his right leg, which proved to be a very dangerous wound, as the surgeons thought they would be obliged to Cut it off

but after a long & Tedious while it got healed tho far from being entirely well as it fails him & the pain of it at times so very great that he is Obliged to keep his Bed for two or three days and therefore rendered entirely unfit for service.

This Accident happened about 4 oClock on a Saturday morning in the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven hundred & Eighty.

Your Petitioner humbly implores your Honours will take the Case of a poor infirmed stranger into Consideration & grant him such assistance as your honours shall Judge proper and in so doing your humble Petitioner will Ever Consider himself in duty bound to Pray for Your Honours Health Happiness & Prosperity.


London January 13th 1784
No. 3 W.P.

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Audit Office, Class 13, Volume 119, folio 431.

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