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Claims and Memorials
Memorial of Lachlan McDonald of New York

The following memorial was kindly donated to The On-Line Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies by F. Cleary.

Memorial in behalf of Lieut. Lachlan McDONALD of the British Legion -

He came to America last war, a Serjeant in Frasers Highlanders, In which Corps he bravely distinguished himself, being several times wounded. He afterwards joined as a volunteer the memorable Company under the Command of Capt. McDONALD, and was wounded in the Siege of Quebec.

At the End of the war, he settled in the interior parts of New York Government, where he was possessed of considerable property.

Upon the beginning of this Rebellion having distinguished himself by refusing to associate with the Enemies of Government: - He left his property & arrived on Board the Asia at New York, having brought with him 30 men, which he had Enlisted for the Kings Service.

With these recruits he followed in 1776 the Expedition to Charlestown and was taken prisoner.

After an imprisonment of two Years, in which he suffered many hardships, he effected his escape from Maryland & joined the Kings Army, at Philadelphia.

Here he was appointed Lieutenant in the Caledonian Volunteers, & has ever since remained with the Legion, being esteemed by all who knew him, as a brave & worthy officer.

At a period when his merit was to be rewarded with the promotion to a Company, He was unfortunately Killed in the late Engagement at Wacksaws and has left a Wife and Eight Children, who having formerly nothing but him to depend on, must now be in very deplorable circumstances.

Lt. Col: Commt. B.L.

[Inscription on back:]
   Memorial on behalf of the late Lieut. Lachlan McDONALD Killed 29th May 1780

University of Michigan, William L. Clements Library, Sir Henry Clinton Papers, Volume 101, item 45.

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