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King's Carolina Rangers
Brown to McArthur

St. Augustine 19th May 1783


In obedience to the Orders of his Excellency the Commander in Chief, I have endeavoured to inform myself of the places to which the Officers and Soldiers of the Regiment under my Command would wish to be sent, upon their being disbanded.

But, in their present uncertainty of what (if any) provision is to be made for them upon that event, I have only in general been able to collect that, as most of them, from a long series of active service in the Enemy's Country (where they are well known) have rendered themselves even personally obnoxious, few can think of returning to those Provinces from which their Loyalty has driven them, and where many of them have left their property and families.

Except a very few, they are all resolved to take refuge in some or other of his Majesty's dominions- but, in which, in their present uncertainty, they are unable to determine.

I have therefore the honor to acquaint, sir, you will be pleased to inform his Excellency the Commander in Chief, that, in general, it is their wish to decline making the choice that is desired of them, until a further knowledge of what they may expect in the different Countries pointed out as a refuge for their Loyalty, shall enable them to determine upon that which, in their reduced state, may appear most eligible.

I have the honor to be

Your most faithful
and most obedt. servant
Thos BROWN Lt. Col. Commt. K R

Brig Genl. McARTHUR

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Headquarters Papers of the British Army in America, PRO 30/55/7714.

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