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Jamaica Volunteers
Proclamation by the King

By the King        A Proclamation

Whereas a Number of Volunteers are wanted for an Expedition, in which they may easily Acquire Riches and Honor, and be of Essential Service to their Country. And whereas we are desirous to give every Encouragement to all able Bodied Men, not now belonging to any Corps in our Service, or to any of our Ships of War, who shall Engage in this Expedition, we hereby make known, that they shall be Allowed pay with our other Troops, the Accustomed Rations, and the Plunder impartially divided.

An as it is Necessary that these Volunteers should for a time be under Military Command, they will be divided into Companies; the Rank and Pay of Captain given to the Gentlemen during the Service who shall procure Twenty five, of Lieut. to the Gentlemen who shall procure fifteen, and of Ensign to the Gentlemen who shall procure Ten Able Bodied Men.

And we hereby Promise, that so soon as the End of this Expedition is accomplished, the Volunteers shall be Returned to their Homes, their to Enjoy the fruits of their public Spirit and Successes.

Those who incline to Offer themselves from Leeward for this Essential Service, may repair to Head Quarters, and those from Windward to Ensign SHELDON of the Loyal Irish.

Witness his Excellency John DALLING Esqr. Captain General and Governor in Chief of our Said Island of Jamaica, and other the Territories thereon depending in America, Chancellor and Vice Admiral of the same at St. Jago de la Vega the Twenty first day of October, in the nineteenth Year of our Reign, Annoq: Domini, One Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy nine-

Signed      John DALLING

By His Excellency's Command
        Richd. LOWING Secy.

God Save the King

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Colonial Office, Class 137, Volume 76, folio 181.

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