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Duke of Cumberland's Regiment
Recruiting Notice

CHARLESTOWN, February 12.   [1781]

Now is the time for all young men of spirit, whose active genius prompts them to aspire to martial glory, to start for the prize of riches and honour.

The prisoner may now gain his freedom, and those who had fortunes, and have lost them, may have an opportunity of acquiring new ones; whilst such who never possessed any may line their pockets with Spanish gold, by enlisting for three years in his Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberlands Regiment of American Rangers, intended to be raised and commanded by the Right Hon. Lord Charles MONTAGU, to fight against the enemies of King George the Third in the West Indies, and on the Spanish territories, a country rich in mines of gold and silver.

When the great work of humbling the pride of Spain is completed, and peace takes place, those who now engage may return with honour to their own country, or enjoy themselves on lands granted to them by his Majesty in that hospitable and pleasant island of Jamaica.

Any willing to serve their King in the above regiment will receive immediate pay, proper cloathing, enter upon free quarters, and receive a handsome bounty, upon their arrival in Jamaica.

Apply at No. 50 Meeting-street.

The Royal Georgia Gazette, (Savannah), March 1st, 1781.

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