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Living History Links

Presented here are links to various living history sites, reenactment unit sites and vendors of 18th Century goods.

We also invite you to visit the Reenactors section of our site for more information.

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   Bullet  Any Place, Any Time

A site devoted exclusively to living history of all periods. As they say... Reenactors do it, any place, any time!
   Bullet  Battle Road
Commemorating the battles of Lexington and Concord, MA, the reenactment is planned for Saturday, April 19, 2003. Plans for the Battle Road Fife and Drum Tattoo are being planned for Friday and Saturday, May 2 & 3, 2003. Check this site for updates on the schedule.
   Bullet  Brigade of the American Revolution
A non-profit living history association, the BAR is one of the foremost umbrella organizations for reenactment units. The site includes an excellent reference section that will be of interest to anyone engaged in the study of the 18th Century.
   Bullet  Company of Select Marksmen
The recreated Colonel John Campbell's Indian Department and Captain Alexander Fraser's Company of Select Marksmen,one of the very few organizations portraying soldiers of the Burgoyne expedition.
   Bullet  1st Battalion, DeLancey's Brigade
The present DeLancey's Brigade was reactivated in August 1974, by individuals interested in authentically portraying one of the Provincial units of the War of the American Rebellion. These men and their families create a living history of the common soldier of the era.
   Bullet  Feldjäeger Corps - Von Prueschenk's Company
Our Hessian friends! The Feldjäeger Corps is an authentic, recreated unit from the American Revolutionary War period, 1776- 1783. It is a participating unit in both the Brigade of the American Revolution and the British Brigade.
   Bullet  First Foot Guards
A Revolutionary War reenactment group based in Boston MA, accurately portraying the royal household regiment that is now known as The Grenadier Guards.
   Bullet  Gesellschaft für Hessische Militär- und Zivilgeschichte e. V.
Based in Hessia, the Society of Hessian Military and Civilian History features Hessian Jaegers, the Infantry-Regiment von Donop, and more. An organization with a most impressive number and quality of troops!
   Bullet  German-Canadian Museum of Applied History
The goal of this organization and web-site is to show the important role the Brunswick soldiers played in North-American history. A commemorative unit was created in 1985 when His Royal Highness, Ernst August, Duke of Cumber-land, Prince of Hanover, Duke of Brunswick and Lüneburg, gave permission to reform the old Brunswick Light Infantry Battalion "von Barner". Includes an interesting mix of living history and genealogy.
   Bullet  His Britannic Majesty's Frigate Richmond
Royal Navy and Marine living history, 1775-1783.
   Bullet  Infanterie Regiment von Donop
The Infanterie Regiment von Donop is a living history re-enactment group that recreates the life and times of typical Hessian soldiers that served in North America during the American War of Independence (1776-1783).
   Bullet  King's Royal Yorkers (KRRNY)
The King's Royal Yorkers is the largest of several Living History groups that are proud members of the Canadian Museum of Applied Military History.
   Bullet  Maryland Loyalists
Reenactment page for the Maryland Loyalists.
   Bullet  The Military Warehouse
A wholesaler of authentic military buckles, buttons, and other assorted hardware from the 18th Century through the Civil War. The Military Warehouse offers a wide variety of products as well as custom bulk manufacturing.
   Bullet  Peters' Corps
The reenactment page of Captain Justus Sherwood's Company of Peters' Corps, Queen's Loyal Rangers.
   Bullet  Pulaski's Independent Legion
Our favorite rebel unit! ;-)
   Bullet  Queen's American Rangers
Now here's something neat you don't see every day! A Loyalist re-enactment group based out of Devon, England!
   Bullet  Re-enactors' World Plus
A huge selection of links having to do with living history and reenacting, from the Vikings to the Korean War.
   Bullet  www.revwar.com
Living history and more related to the American Revolution. Some excellent links here.
   Bullet  1st Battalion, New Jersey Volunteers
On of the British Brigade units portraying the New Jersey Volunteers, this group of reenactors is based in Pennsylvania.
   Bullet  2nd New York Provincial Battalion (1775)
Some of our friends from the "other" side... The 2nd New York was built around a nucleus of volunteer companies formed previously by the Albany County Committee of Safety, and was therefore the first to take the field in the province's defense.
   Bullet  22nd Regiment of Foot
A reenactment unit site devoted to the Colonel's Company of the 22nd Regiment, uniformed and equipped as it would have been during the British Army's operations around New York City and Rhode Island in 1776-1779.
   Bullet  33rd Regiment of Foot
Based in Southern California, The Colonel's Company of the 33rd Foot is a re-created company of one of the finest British marching Regiments to serve King George during the American War for Independence.
   Bullet  84th Regiment of Foot (Royal Highland Emigrants)
A reenactment unit site devoted to the Royal Highland Emigrants. This site is dedicated to the dissemination of information about this short lived regiment and the living history organization which portrays this glorious regiment during the American Rebellion.

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