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GenWeb Sites

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British Isles,
United States

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Listed below are some of the major GenWeb sites for areas where the Loyalists originated, fought or settled, and some of the County and other local Genweb sites that have particularly good collections of Loyalist materials.

The World GenWeb project is a volunteer effort for creating a global library for genealogy research on the internet. All U.S. states and Canadian provinces are represented, as are most of the counties within each one. Unfortunately, Nicaragua is one country that is not represented in the World GenWeb project.

Collectively, the GenWeb is a massive, enormously helpful collection of information on where to find records, and many of the sites contain transcriptions of actual records or local histories. You should be sure to check out your areas of interest on these sites if you are doing genealogical research!

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British Isles

 British Isles GenWeb

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 Canadian GenWeb

 New Brunswick GenWeb

 Nova Scotia GenWeb

 Ontario GenWeb

 Prince Edward Island GenWeb

 Quebec GenWeb

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 Bahamas GenWeb

 Caribbean GenWeb

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United States

 U.S. GenWeb

 Alabama GenWeb

 Connecticut GenWeb

 Delaware GenWeb

 Florida GenWeb

 Georgia GenWeb

 Glynn County

 Kentucky GenWeb

 Maine GenWeb

 Town of Penobscot

 Maryland GenWeb

 Massachusetts GenWeb

 Michigan GenWeb

 Mississippi GenWeb

 New Jersey GenWeb

 New York GenWeb

 Herkimer and Montgomery Counties

 Tryon County

 North Carolina GenWeb

 Ohio GenWeb

 Pennsylvania GenWeb

 Rhode Island GenWeb

 South Carolina GenWeb

 Vermont GenWeb

 Virginia GenWeb

 West Virginia GenWeb

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