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Royal Fencible Americans
Proposal to Raise a Battalion


Proposed to raise a Battalion of Light infantry or Royal Fensible Americans,

     To consist of Five Companies.
1 Lieut. Col. Commandant and Captain
4 Captains   15 Serjeants
1 Capt. Lieut.   15 Corporals
4 Lieutenants     5 Drummers
5 2d Lieutenants or Ensigns 300 Privates
1 Adjutant
1 Surgeon
1 Surgeonís Mate

That they be clothed and armed as Light Troops and put on the same Establishment of Pay as the late 80th, Gageís Light Infantry and Gorhamís Corps to be employed on the like Services.

That the Subsistance of said Battalion commence the 25th of March and continue as a growing Fund for Bounty Money.

That proper Officers be appointed from the Half Pay List some Vacancies excepted to be kept for Officers One of each Company to be given to such Gentlemen in America who may have influence in raising men.

That the whole of the Corps if possible or as many as can be got be immediately levied in the Province of Nova Scotia and completed in the New England Governments in case of a deficiency as Circumstances may offer.

Explanation & Remarks

Lieut. Colonel GORHAM proposed to raise a Corps under the Denomination of Fensible Americans, Imagining in the present Situation of Affairs in America that to be the most easy and practicable Method of obtaining Men.

To engage first on the Idea of Defence and on the Principle of supporting Government, Property and Good Order &c.

That although in the Course of Service such a Corps it is understood is to perform similar Duties to the Rangers as they were employed the late War, yet under the Appellation of Rangers he presumes it would retard rather than facilitate the Raising of Men.

That should this proposed Corps be called to act on the Offensive or on real Service it would be necessary that One Third be Officers of some Experience taken from the Half Pay List or otherways.

The other Officers which may be newly appointed being entitled to Pay only for the Time they may serve, it is apprehended none but such as are of indifferent Abilities and perhaps raw and Inexperienced could be obtained.

[15 April 1775]

University of Michigan, William L. Clements Library, Thomas Gage Papers, (English Series), Volume 28.

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