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Royal Fencible Americans
Studholme to Fox

Fort Howe 28th Septr. 1783.


It is with great Mortification that I find myself obliged to report to you that on the Evening of the 25th September a Party of Soldiers under the Comand of Captn. BUSKIRK, Lt. LAMBERT, Enn. DUET [JOUETT] & Ensign HANDOLF of Colol. Buskirks Regt. landed on the Eastern side of the Harbour and with fixd Bayonets wounded and seized on the Persons of two Sergeants and five private Men of this Garrison, likewise a Man an Inhabitant by the Name of DOIT and carried them on Board the Transport Captn. BUSKIRK arrivd in;

that while the said Men were Prisoners they were wounded and beat in the most inhuman manner; that Ezekial SOLOMON One of the before mentioned Prisoners was reported to me by the Surgeon (as you will perceive Sir by the inclosed Letter) to be so badly Wounded that his Life was deemed to be in Danger.

I therefore thought it my Duty to apply to the commanding Officer of the Troops on board the Transports requesting he would by an Arrest, secure the Persons of the Officers above mentioned untill your arrival here, when I made no doubt Sir, this Insult on the Service would be mark’d by your Displeasure and that the Individuals who have been wounded would meet with that redress their sufferings intitle them to.

I have the Honor to be with the greatest Respect-

Your mot. Obedient &
most Hble Servant
Capt: R.F.A.

Brigr Genl. FOX &ca &ca &ca

University of New Brunswick, Edward Winslow Papers, Volume 18, 1783, #107.

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