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Royal Fencible Americans
Desertion Notice

DESERTED from the Royal Fensible American Regiment, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Joseph GORHAM, WILLIAM WAITE, a private soldier.

It is supposed he went in a wood sloop from near the Whitehall slip to Staten-Island; the master and his vessel are well known; therefore, he is requested to bring said Deserter to New-York, and deliver him to Captain BAILEY, at No. 31, Water-street, otherwise he may depend on being prosecuted.

It is probable said WAITE will have left the sloop, as he talked of going on board the ship Isis, lying in the Narrows.


Said WILLIAM WAITE is about five feet six inches high, well set, short nose, light brown hair, a little marked with the small pox, about twenty two years of age:

Had on when he went on board the sloop, a blue jacket, a pair of trowsers and a Dutch cap.

He was born in the city of Bristol, speaks something quick, and cuts his words short.

Whoever brings the said Deserter to Captain BAILEY’s quarters or secures him, shall receive TWENTY SHILLINGS Sterling Reward.


New-York, 20th October 1777.

The Royal American Gazette, (New York), October 23rd, 1777.

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