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Royal Fencible Americans
Accounts of the Regiment

Philadelphia 28th November 1777



I enclose for your Examination several Accompts & papers relative to GOREHAMís Corps from 25th of December 1776, to 24th of June 1777 the Subsistence Accot. are wrong throughout, as he Charges for Officers complete, when many Appointments were vacant, and pay for his Prisoners neither of which are admissable;

this he probably has done in the preceeding 6 months, and therefore it should be enquired into while you have Mr. SUTHERLAND his Paymaster to explain Particulars-

I have endeavoured to model them here, but this is not included as a Guide to you-

The Contingent Accts. I think were directed to be settled by General MASSEY; so far as to approve of them, but I have not his Correspondence with me.

My Letter to GOREHAM is sent open for your Perusal, and you will from thence be able to write to him more fully.

I enclose a Receipt for money paid to Lieut. SUTHERLAND at this Place on Acct. of his Subsistence which you will charge to the Regiment.

A Lieut. CONSTABLE was allowed his Pay by General HOWE from the June of his Resignation to some Period which I donít recollect-

this was charged in a stated Acct. to GOREHAM, as a Lieut. in his Regiment, and since that Time he has obtained a Commission in Delanceyís Brigade- until then he must be paid as Lieut. and no part of this can be placed to GOREHAMís Corps, but as Subsistence to Mr. CONSTABLE by order of General HOWE.

I am
[Signed]   Robt. MACKENZIE


Great Britain, Public Record Office, Headquarters Papers of the British Army in America, PRO 30/55/774.

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