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Royal Fencible Americans
Money Paid for Deserters

Accot. of Money paid for apprehending Deserters from the Royal Fencible American Regiment for Six months from 25th December 1778 to 24th June 1779.

Names when apprehended      Amount Total Amount
James McINALLY 25th Decemr. 1778   1.   1.   0.
Peter COLLINS do                   do     1.   1.   0.
Patrick QUIRK do                   do     1.   1.   0.
John OBRIAN 1st January 1779     1.   1.   0.
William HIERLY do               do     1.   1.   0.
John OBRIAN Junr. do               do     1.   1.   0.
Thomas JORDAN 7th May       do     1.   1.   0.
Edward CUMMINS 5th June      do     1.   1.   0.
Edward EAGAN 11th do        do     1.   1.   0.
  9.   9.   0.
NB The Pay Mr. paid 2 each for the first named six deserters,
agreeable to former allowance, as they were publickly advertised
& that sum actually paid, the difference being 19s/ for each
Brigadr. Genl. McLEAN was acquainted with the Circumstances
    5. 14.   0.
  15.   3.   0.


          No. 8
Accot. For apprehending
Deserters to 24th June 1779
                              15.   3.   0.

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Treasury, Class 1, Volume 642, folio 94.

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