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Royal American Reformees
Recruiting Notice

To the Officers, Soldiers, and other Inhabitants of the Colonies of New-York, New-Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusett's Bay, &c. &c.

THE period has now arrived, which after a train of numberless evils consequent upon civil war, must be welcome to every honest heart, as promising a speedy end of bloodshed and confusion, and a happy return of the blessings of good order, peace and liberty upon the most solid foundations.

The parent state lamenting the interruption of that union, which formerly subsisted between her and these colonies, is now desirous to recall them to their wonted duty, and to effect it by the most powerful motives, that can operate on minds not totally abandoned to ambition, or the wild schemes of factious and self-interested men.

All ground of complaint and jealousy is now entirely removed, and every man must determine, whether it is most for his interest, to live under a GOVERNMENT, THE BEST AND FREEST IN THE WORLD, or have a prolongation of the miseries of war, and become, or remain a subject of new-fangled constitutions, which however specious of liberty in theory, must soon fail in the proper checks to restrain those who administer them, from the most wanton abuse of the powers delegated to their trust.

Should the proffered terms be rejected, it must be evident to all men, that the contest has not been for the liberties of America, but for the AGGRANDIZEMENT OF INDIVIDUALS UPON THE RUINS OF THEIR COUNTRY.

It is now become the duty of every true friend of America, to step forth and avow his sentiments for a renewal of the union with the mother country, and, if necessity shall render it expedient, by force of arms to compel the refractory to submit.

This is not only a measure dictated by duty, but consonant to the soundest policy, and justifiable upon the most righteous principles.

A CORPS IS NOW RAISING FOR THE ABOVE PURPOSE IN THIS CITY, the command whereof, his Excellency the Commander in Chief has been pleased to commit to me, in which every officer and soldier who is actuated by just principles, and desirous of restoring peace and true liberty, to this once happy country, shall meet with all possible encouragement.

Being personally known to many of you, and apprised of your detestation of a separation from the mother country, I take the liberty to invite you to embrace the present opportunity of shewing to the world, that you are willing and ready at the hazard of your lives to contribute your aid to the restoration of true constitutional liberty.

Such of you as are inclined to enter into the said corps, will apply to me in the City of New York, where you will be cordially received.

Royal American Reformees

New-York, April 30, 1778.

The Royal Gazette, (New York), May 2, 1778.

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