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Royal American Reformees

To his Excellency Sir Henry CLINTON
Knight of the most honourable Order
of the Bath, Lieutenant General of
the King's Armies, &c. &c. &c.

Proposals humbly submitted to his Excellency's Consideration for the raising a Corps of American Reformees for His Majesty's Service by the Subscriber-

First……… That the Subscriber be Lieutenant Colonel Commandant.
Secondly… That no Officers be admitted into the Corps, but such who have been in the Rebel Service, and have given some Proofs of the Sincerity of their Repentance, and are otherwise of an unblemished Character.
Thirdly….... That the Corps be stiled the American Royal Reformers.
Fourthly….. That the Regiment consist of ten Companies- A Captain, one Lieutenant, an Ensign, four Serjeants, and 70 Rank and File to each Company- The Lieutenant Colonel and Major each to have a Company.
Fifthly……. That an Officer who shall raise or come in with 13 Men, shall have an Ensigncy, 23 Men a Lieutenancy, 34 Men a Captaincy.
Sixthly…… That the Bounty which is now given to Recruits be given to the Soldiers on being attested, and for a further Encouragement that some Gratuity be promised them on the Suppression of the Rebellion.
Seventhly… That those Privates and non-Commissioned Officers who come in with their Arms &c. shall have the Allowance heretofore given.
Eighthly….. That the Major and Quarter Master (the Adjutant only excepted) be in the same Predicament with those mentioned in the second Article-

I am, most respectfully,
Your Excellency's
most devoted, and
most obedient Servant
Rudolphus RITZEMA

New York ye 13 April 1778

University of Michigan, William L. Clements Library, Sir Henry Clinton Papers, Volume 33, item 32.

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