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Queen's Loyal Rangers: Complaint Against the French Brothers

To His Excellency Genl. HALDIMAND
Commander in Chief &ca, &ca, &ca.

Complaint of John PETERís Lieut. Colonel Commandant of Queens Loyal Rangers Against Captn. Jeremiah FRENCH & his Brother Lieut. Garsham FRENCH acting Adjutant in the same Corps; the later in the Engineers Office at Sorrell as a Clerk at Present, in Spring 1778.

Article ye 1st

Mr. Garsham FRENCH had the care of the Provisions drawn for the Corps, he Sold about three hundred rations of Flower to a man in the Recolet suburbs near Montreal. Witness- Captn. Francis HOGALE & Jno. WARD, Qr. Mr. Serjt. Queens Loyal Rangers.

2d Article 1778

The two FRENCHs having the Charge of a Party then going On a Scout from Quebec by Genl. HALDIMANs Orders, under my command, I left them at St. Annís & put them under the Command of the two FRENCHes, they Sold a Barrel of Beef and Another of Flower at Chambelee on the Rode. Witness- Joel FRIZZEL, Danl. CROFOOT, Danl. COLTON & two HURDS that is Brothers.

3rd Article

Sold at St. Johnís two Barrels of Flower drawn as Rations allowed the party by these two FRENCHes. Witness- Captn. SHERWOOD, Lieut. DULMAGE and Others.

4th Article

Mr. Garsham FRENCH took the money due to me from three Men who Joined the Emigrants and did not pay me. Witness- Lieut. PARROT, that he promised to pay me.

5th Article

Garsham FRENCH had the care of the Cloathing for the corps, he deliveríd some of the Soldiers Coats to people that had no right to any, in this he broke the orders that he himself told me, Capt. BARNís Assistant Qr. Master Genl. gave him.

6th Article 79

Mr. Garsham FRENCH shewíd a Coppy of a private letter from one Gentleman to another sent from Montreal to St. Johnís, which said FRENCH had broke open. Witness- Major JESSUPT, Capts. JONES & FRAZER of the Loyalists & others.

When accused of breaking open the letter four months after he said to Capt. SHERWOOD it was to do him Capt. SHERWOOD a kindness that he coppied the letter, but when Capt. SHERWOOD Said he had received the letter, but not the Coppy, FRENCH Said he intended it for Capt. SHERWOODs good.

7th Article 1779 and 80

Capt. Jeremiah FRENCH & Lieut. Garsham FRENCH recd. Cloathing for the men, stopít the sum out of the pay allowed the men, and delivered some to Other Corps, particular to Adamsís Corps & got the pay of them the Second time: these two Brothers have not payíd the Private men these two years in full, although they received it of the paymaster. Witness- Daniel COLTON, Andrew FRENCH, Corpl. SMITH, Serjt. NORTHORP and forty others who have Complained this hurts the Service.

8th Article

These two Brothers have been Guilty of a breach of Section; Second in the Articles of War against Mutiny. Speaking Disrespectfully of Superior Officers, particularly Mr. Garsham FRENCH, in a Barrick room, in publick Company of Soldiers. Witness- Serjeant NORTHORP, Corpl. SMITH & the room full of Soldiers.

9th Article

The two Mr. FRENCHís have some of Colonel PETERsís money in their hands which they refused to pay him.

10th Article

Mr. Garsham FRENCH is guilty of a breach of trust in bringing about 300 £ from Mr. JURDONs paymaster in Montreal to the house of Colonel PETERSís then at Montreal to pay the Loyalists under Colonel PETERSís Command, this in the begining of the Year 1778, the money was short 14£ 13S 0d the Number of pence I donít Recollect.

11th Article

Mr. Grasham [sic] FRENCH left his Country near Albany in the Year 1777, he robíd friends and foes. Witness- Mr. HOGALE, Capt. HOGALís Wife and others now in Canada & says he has Silver Tankards &ca, secreted in that Country yet, which he took.

12th Article

Mr. Garsham FRENCHes Return of Men & Cloathing are different returns he made to me & Others; those papers are in my hands to be Shewn to a Court if Orderíd by his Excellency the Commander in Chief- or to himself if he pleases.

13th Article

Mr. Garsham FRENCH lost all the papers belonging to the Queenís Loyal Rangers when he came out of Genl. BURGOYNEs Camp in 1777 without Orders or Liberty.

January 20th 1781.

Great Britain, British Library, Additional Manuscripts, No. 21827, folios 216-217.

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