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New York Volunteers
Officers' Memorial

To His Excellency Sir Guy CARLETON Knight of
the most Honorable Order of the Bath General
and Commander in Chief &c &c &c

The Memorial of the Officers of the Corps of New York Volunteers-

May it please your Excellency

After having been led to hope that this Regiment was included among the first three that were to have had the Honor and Consideration of Rank & half pay your Excellency can better conceive than we know how to express the mortifying Sensations we feel at the late Intimations that younger Regiments are to take place of ours with British Establishment and that a Corps behind none in zeal and perhaps short of none in Services is nevertheless to be so painfully distinguish'd as to be remembered only to be reduced.

In so trying a situation permit us Sir to implore your patronage and for that purpose to remind your Excellency that this Corps was imbodied so early as 1775 that we had a share in the Dangers of the Action of 27th August 1776 on Long Island- in that of the White Plains in October following & in the Storm of Fort Montgomery on the 6th October 1777 that we assisted in the assault of Savannah in 1778- and again in the Defence of that Town in 1779- and in the Reduction of Charlestown in 1780-

That we had the Honor of a Standard and Thanks for the Repulse at Rocky Mount 30th July of the same Year. Thanks again for our Share in the Victory of Camden and again further thanks for the Action of the 8th Septr 1781 at the Eutaws.

It does not become us to state any Discriminations of Services beyond others for the Exaltation of our own Merit nor can they be necessary to a General so quick to discern and so ready to do justice to all the faithfull Subjects of the Crown.

We must nevertheless lament that our services abroad, left our Corps under disadvantages at home in the critical Juncture of the Dispensation of His Majesty's Grace.

In the Confidence we entertain of the Royal goodness it is impossible for us to doubt of his just and gracious Consideration.

Our Humble Prayer is that our Services may be mentioned to the Throne in such Colours as your great Military Experience may pronounce to be just, and that mode of relief suggested, as we trust cannot fail to be followed with success.

Commandt N:Y:V:
for self and Officers

New York
11th April 1783

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Headquarters Papers of the British Army in America, PRO 30/55/7398.

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