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Newfoundland Volunteers
Return and Articles Signed

Return of the Strength of the Corps of Newfoundland Volunteers embodied by Order of His Excellency Governor EDWARDS November 1st 1779

1 Major, 1 Captain, 1 Lieutenant, 8 Serjeants, 8 Corporals, 200 Rank & File.

Major Comdt.   N: V:

     His Excellency
Governor EDWARDS

Articles Signed to

Article 1st

We will endeavour to learn the use of Arms with the utmost Assiduity; and carefully attend at all stated times for that purpose, trusting we shall not be called, more frequently, than is absolutely necessary & our business and care of ourselves & families will allow.


In case of an actual Invasion, and it shall be thought necessary to embody us; we submit ourselves to Martial Law & agree to take all fatigues, & do all dutys that is usually expected from His Majestys Troops; in which case, we expect that the same encouragement, and also provisions to the families of such, as have them, and the bounty that was given Last year, to the Volunteers raised by Captain PRINGLE.


We agree to take Oaths of Allegiance if required, as soon as we receive our Arms.


We agree to a fine of five Shillings every time we shall absent ourselves from Exercise, when timely summoned; unless prevented by Sickness, or any other cause that may be deemed sufficient by our Commanding Officer.


We expect to receive Provisions those days we are exercised.


We promise Obedience to all Lawfull Commands of the Officers, who are appointed to Command us.


We expect no advantage will be taken from our Signing these Articles, and that we shall not be oblidged to continue in the Service after the arrival of the Governor, unless in case of an attack we having the greatest confidence in the promise of Assistance, and Protection made us by his Excellency-

(A Copy)   R EDWARDS

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Colonial Office, Class 194, Volume 34, folios 102-103.

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