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Newfoundland Regiment
Warrant to Pringle


By His Excellency Richard EDWARDS Esqr. Governor and Commnader in Chief in and over the Island of Newfoundland.

Whereas I have found the Troops in this Island are not equal to the number of Posts that are necessary, and must be guarded, to defend the approaches to Saint Johns, nor even sufficient to defend the works that are constructed for the Defence of that Harbour;

And as I have authentick Intelligence specifying the hostile intentions of His Majesty’s Enemys to Attack Newfoundland, late this Fall, or early next Spring, I have thought it highly requisite for the Kings Service, and absolutely necessary for the immediate Security of the Island and Fishery, forthwith to Levy a Body of Three hundred Men to be Armed, Officered and Diciplined, for the purposes aforementioned.

And having especial trust and Confidence, in the Loyalty, Courage, good Conduct and ability of your Robert PRINGLE Esqr. Major of the Corps of Newfoundland Volunteers, and Chief Engineer of this Island, I do hereby direct and Order you by this my Warrant to Levy and Embody Three hundred Men from among the Inhabitants of Newfoundland, and without loss of time render them fit for Service.

The Establishment of the Regiment shall be as follows. One Lieutenant Colonel Commandant, One Major, Four Captains and One Captain Lieut., Eight first Lieutenants and Six Ensigns, One Adjutant, One Quarter Master, One Chaplain, One Surgeon and One Surgeons Mate.

The Companies (whose number for the present I shall limit to Six) shall each of them consist of Three Serjeants, three Corporals, two Drummers, and Fifty three, Rank and File, including three Non Effectives.

You will be allowed one Guinea and a Crown, for every Recruit that shall join Head Quarters and be deemed fit for Service. All other Expences must be defrayed by you till the Regiment is Compleated.

You are to draw upon the Lords of the Treasury, or empower your Agent so to do, for the above Bounty, and for the Pay and Subsistence of your Men, and Officers, from the dates of their Commissions, and Attestations, at the same rate as the rest of His Majesty’s Troops, as I have taken care to notify this my warrant, to His Majesty’s Principal Secretary of State for this Department.

You are to make a Return to me, of the Regiment, before my departure for England, and what necessaries it will want from thence early next Spring. For all which this shall be your warrant.

Given under my hand and Seal at St. Johns Newfoundland 20th September 1780.


Robert PRINGLE Esqr.
Lieutenant Colonel Commandant
of the Newfoundland Regiment

By Command of the Governor
                    A. GRAHAM

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Colonial Office, Class 194, Volume 35, pages 82-83.

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