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Mosquito Shore Volunteers
Lawrie to Dalling



Agreeable to proposals from Genl. DALRYMPLE I have raised an independent Company of 50 men, chiefly composed of free people, as per inclosed muster-roll.

I have had no assistance in raising this company but from Mr. HOME, who gives me ten trusty Slaves, and one from Mr. John WAGNER, whom Genl. DALRYMPLE has promised to recommend as Surgeon to the Company, and, if agreeable to your Excellency, I would also recommend him as Ensign.

I promised the free people I would command them myself, but I leave this entirely with your Excellency.

I am sorry to say that the poverty of this place is so great that I fear it will not be able to victual these men, tho' so very necessary at present for it's preservation, I hope your Excellency will consider this our situation. I have as yet supported them myself, and shall continue to do so till I have the honor to hear farther from your Excellency.

I have armed them with those arms your Excellency sent me by Genl. DALRYMPLE- they are heavy and without bayonets. I could wish it were convenient for your Excellency to send light Arms for them, with a sword for each.

I have cloathed them according to the patern I now send your Excellency, with two white shirts for each. I must also observe to your Excellency, that we have neither Drums nor colours for this place.

The above company consists entirely of young able men fit for immediate service, and inlisted during the present exigency.

We have the timber for two Block-houses almost each, and one of them already begun. The timber has been cut by the Inhabitants, but I shall be obliged to pay the Tradesmen.

I have the honor &c.
(signed) Jas. LAWRIE

Black River
Mosquito Shore
18th Novr. 1779


Great Britain, Public Record Office, Colonial Office, Class 137, Volume 76, folio 224.

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