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Loyal New Englanders
Crossing's Capture

PROVIDENCE, October 10. [1778]

Saturday Night last two Boats from Rhode-Island, having on board eleven Tories of WIGHTMAN's motley Regiment; landed at Seconet, where they robbed a House, and took three of the Inhabitants Prisoners;

but finding it inconvenient to carry off more than two, the third was left on the Beach, and ordered to remain there a limited Time, while the Boats rowed off, in one of which a Person stood with a Gun presented at him.

As soon as they had got beyond Musket-Shot, the Gentleman ran to some Houses about three Miles distant, and gave the Alarm, when ten Volunteers instantly went on board a small Boat, and pursued the infamous Plunderers.

About the Dawn of Day they came up with them, when both Boats surrendered without making any Opposition.

A Tory Captain, an Inhabitant of Newport, well known in this State by the Name of Will. CROSSING, commanded the Party:

He formerly attended the Enemy as a Pilot in their Excursions to the Main, and it is said fired several Houses at Bristol and Warren with his own Hand, where he was likewise very active in robbing defenceless Women of their Necklaces and Rings.

A Lieutenant of a like detestable Character was of the Party, also a Person who served General GRAY as a Pilot in the late burning Expedition to Bedford.

The Prisoners were conducted here on Monday Evening, under a strong Guard, and committed to close Keeping.

Some of them have confessed that their Errand to the Main was for Intelligence.

The Providence Gazette and Country Journal, October 10, 1778.

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