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Loyal New Englanders
Recruiting Notice

NEWPORT, April 1, 1777


AS the Time is now come, when the Friends and Enemies of Britain must be distinguished; when the former shall be rewarded, and the latter meet with that Punishment their treasonable Proceedings deserve-

Colonel WIGHTMAN, gives this public Invitation to all those who are willing to unite together to throw off the Yoke of an abandoned Set of Men, that have filled this once happy Country with Misery and Ruin, and by the unjustifiable Power which they have assumed, placed every Enjoyment of Life upon the most precarious Tenure, to manifest their Attachment to His Majesty King GEORGE the Third, by inlisting with him, for the Term of Two Years or during the Rebellion, in his Regiment of LOYAL NEW ENGLANDERS;

where they will have an Opportunity, by their spirited Exertions, to wipe away the Shame and Infamy their unhappy Country hath incurred; and to convince the World, that there are yet many in New England, who detest the Name of Rebels, equally with that of Slaves; and who not only acknowledge the supremacy of the British Parliament, but are willing to risk their Lives, in supporting its constitutional Authority over every Part of the British Empire-

And, for their further Encouragement, each Person will be intitled to a Bounty of FIVE DOLLARS, be furnished with Cloathing, and every Accoutrement necessary to compleat a Gentleman Soldier.

Colonel WIGHTMAN will, with the greatest Pleasure, receive any who are willing to inlist, at the House of Captain JOSEPH DURFEE, in this Town.

The Newport Gazette, April 10th, 1777.

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